With the caliber of players in the petroleum engineering squad, most people would think that Pet. Eng. should be among the best teams in the competition. Sadly to say that is not the case with the gross amount of indiscipline, ill co-ordination and lack of a coach, the petroleum engineering squad has been in disarray since 100 level. After failing to pass the group stage in the 200 level league , most people  thought  that they will overcome their  10 game winless streak and get a win in this competition especially after being placed with the under dogs of the competition I.C.E. After drawing theirRead More →

In a game of 5 being played between C.O.E and C.S.T. CST winning the first game in the series , C.O.E  was expected to come  for the win in the second  game of their encounter. But at the beginning of the game C.O.E  weren’t playing like they wanted to win. A team made up of Brume, Fikumi , h.p , ozioma were looking too hard for c.o.e to overcome .With c.s.t wining the reboud game early on in the game , the drive ins of Brume and Fikumi’s stylish play and a very sluggish ill coordinated  C.O.E made C.S,T lead by 14 points in theRead More →

The first game of the league was between Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering . The Favorite to win were the recently crowned champions of the 200 level CU league i.e Computer Engineering.  With the exit of key members of the squad such as Tola , Nani and Smesh we wondered how  the almighty computer Engineering will fair. They were off to a shaky start trailing 1 – 0 after half time. With the leadership of Coach Yemi and their Captain Olominu , they came back to win the Game 2 – 1 . showing that indeed they were champions. Soon after, the game between ElectricalRead More →